Lend a Helping Hand this Earth Day

Like most of us, our everyday habits have the tendancy to create waste – we sometimes purchase and replace items without even thinking about their social, economic and environmental impact.

This Earth Day (Wednesday 22nd April) by buying a longer-lasting, reusable version of those very such items will be a better investment long term – both in terms of our wallets and for the planet; saving lots of carbon miles in the process!

For example, single-use throw away coffee cups can quite easily be replaced with reusable keep cups. Plastic supermarket carrier bags can be replaced with reusable cotton or hessain versions which will withstand multiple usage. Products like these quickly end up paying for themselves and unlike their single-use counterparts (which are often imported) – your handcrafted eco-friendly version won’t have to replace anytime soon.

Only the best products can be used over and over again and the same can be said about our Litterpickers.

The Helping Hand Company pride ourselves for being #1 for sustainable litter clearance hand tools; manufactured in Britain, from us to you, from our factories in Herefordshire, #factory2hand

Our 100% reusable range of Helping Hand litter pickers, bag hoops, clean up kits and litter picking carts are high quality, sustainability manufactured and built to last. And we’ve made this public knowledge on our litterpickers bar labels and compostable cartons 🙂

For example, our Ranger MAX litter picker has a Ranger Recycle Kit which extends the product lifecycle by upto 300%. Our NEW Handicart Lite and NEW Handicart Duo litterpicking carts are made from 35% recycled materials and our Eco Education Resource Booklet supports the next generation in learning about the 8 doorways of Eco-Schools helping schools achieve Green Flag status and creating #EcoWarriors, all printed on recycled paper of course!

As community campaign specialists, Helping Hand have also developed a range of environmental charity livery Litterpicker’s and Streetmaster’s  – including a Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Wales Tidy, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Northern Ireland Beauiful, Neder Schoon and a folding version for our friends at The 2 Minute Foundation – view the collection HERE

All our #reuse charity pickers have been designed in partnership with leading environmental charities and as a business we have donated over £100,000 from the sale of our products to help support their global efforts in protecting our planet, our oceans and our next generation.

We are 100% reusable and proud of it!