Safer Litter Collection

The Helping Hand Company have been able to maintain all manufacturing lines of our world famous sustainable litter clearance tools from our facilities in Herefordshire. Our environmental range meets both the current demands of social distance litter collection and cleanliness to support operational staff and volunteer litter heroes across the UK to litter pick safely.

And with the increase in #lockdownlitter on our streets, parks, neighbourhoods and beaches – our 100% reusable range will support you in keeping litter at arms length, when picking up #lockdownlitter items such as face masks, wet wipes, disposable gloves and fast food packaging.

What’s more our products can be easily wiped down or cleaned with anti bacterial sprays/wipes to reduce the risk of contanimation; especially if you are loaning out litter picking equipment to support small group activities, volunteers litter picks or adopt a space campaigns.

Helping Hand’s safer litter collection range includes folding litter pickers, sanitiser spray, anti bacterial wipes, wipe clean handle litter grabbers, pooper scoopers and bio hazard kits for hygenic and safe pick up everytime.

Even our commercial litter picking equipment has unique product features to support safer litter collection in these challenging times so frontline and volunteer litter pickers alike don’t have to quarantine their litter picking equipment for 72 hours after it has been used.

Helping Hand Litterpickers
– the RANGER MAX and Community Litterpickers are perfect for both operational litter collection and volunteer litter picking. Their wipe clean handles allow you to use them again and again – plus all our litter pickers come in a variety of lengths or styles to keep you at arms length: view range

Helping Hand Handihoops – a litter pickers best friend, the Handihoop Pro and Handihoop Plus multi functional litter bag hoops have heavy-duty wipe clean handles; making them your ideal collection companion for carrying heavy bags with ease.

What’s more the Handihoop Plus innovative scoop/sweep plate and optional body carry strap –  let’s you collect or sweep litter and detritus effectively. Or find them, ready to go on the Handicart Pro!

Reusable Gloves
are a must for hygenic litter collection at any age. Our washable 100% reusable gloves are available in adults and childrens sizes. Be safe on every clean up.

Tidy Up Kits – our clean up kits offer a one stop portable kit filled with all your litter picking essentials. Packaged into a handy, waterproof and wipe clean kit bag – making it super easy to carry and/or store away after your event. Or go bespoke and make your own clean up kit

To find out more information about our safer litter collection products, social distance litter picking guidelines, please contact Helping Hand Environmental on 01531 635678 or email

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Carly Di Crescienzo
UK Sales Manager