Green Friday #Reuse Reinvented

This November, Helping Hand Environmental joins the movement to support Green Friday and promote responsible consumption that benefits the Circular Economy all year round.

So, if you don’t have any plans this Friday, why not consider organising a solo litter pick in your local neighbourhood, get outdoors and enjoy a walk, cycle or run. You could also donate to an environmental charity that you love or spending time with your household members.

Here are a few top tips on ow you can join the movement during this Green Friday weekend and all year round really!

  1. Mindful shopping

Today and over this coming weekend we’re probably all a little bit guilty of buying more than we need, and making less use of our purchases than we used to.

Before going on a shopping spree (local or online), take a moment to reflect whether you really need that item and why. Is it a replacement? Can the old one be fixed? Can you picture yourself using that item more than once? If the answers are yes, yes and yes, try shopping first for ethical and reusable alternatives. Good for your wallet and the planet.

  1. Shop local, buy British

When you can, shopping in your local area and buying from local producers is the easiest way to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Also, well as eco-friendly products, always look out for Made in Britain stamp too.

Plus, you are in your rights to refuse unnecessary packaging too.

  1. Reuse me

Ask yourself, is the product you want to buy only going be able to be used couple of times? Nobody wants to see their new purchase end up on the landfill heap. Unfortunately, the lure of price reductions and cheaper products might seem a good deal at the time but our motto is buying cheap by twice. Surely a product built to last #reuse; with a high-quality reputation is worth paying a litter more for?

  1. Recycled & recyclable

If you’re going to buy something, make sure you opt for products made of recycled materials or its components are recyclable. By doing this you minimise your impact on the planet, prevent waste from ending up in landfill and support the Circular Economy!

  1. Rethink

Lastly, our everyday habits have the tendency to create waste without us consciously knowing – we sometimes purchase and replace items without even thinking about their social, economic and environmental impact. It’s time to rethink our buying habits.

For example, Single-use throw away coffee cups can quite easily be replaced with reusable keep cups. Plastic supermarket carrier bags can be replaced with reusable cotton or hessian versions which will withstand multiple usage. Products like these quickly end up paying for themselves and unlike their single-use counterparts (which are often mass produced cheaply and imported) – your handcrafted eco-friendly version won’t have to replace anytime soon.

Helping Hand Environmental sustainble range of #reuse litter pickers, litter segregate hoops and litter picking carts are 100% reusable, manufactured in Britain and made from a minimum of 35% recycled content.

Read more in our #Factory2Hand Tour Blog

COVID-19 update – our business remains open & ready to lend a Helping Hand

Our business remains open & ready to lend a Helping Hand.

To all our valued customers, front line services and #LitterHeroes – we’re here for you.

In these continued uncertain times, our thoughts are with all who are being affected by the ongoing turmoil of the coronavirus pandemic. Our business remains committed to being responsible for what we do, those we service and truly value the support you give in trading with us.

Putting people at the centre of everything we do and following government guidelines, here at The Helping Hand Company we have been able to maintain all manufacturing lines of sustainable litter clearance tools across our facilities in Herefordshire.

During #lockdown2 ,we will remain open with manufacturing across our Herefordshire sites at full steam. The shelves are stocked, your favourite products available for immediate despatch – ensuring priority delivery for front line services.

UK wide our sales teams are working remotely from home to limit the potential spread of the virus. We have suspended all face to face visits, but your local sales manager and regional team is available virtually through Teams/Skype/What’s App, via email or at the end of a phone.

If you need litter picking equipment, guidance, a support network, or just a friendly person to chat to – please do give us a call on 01531 635678.

Please take care of yourselves and each other.

For now stay safe and well – we will get through this.


Carly Di Crescienzo
UK Sales Manager


Just to say…

  • If you have a query, want to place an order, we are available at the end of the phone Monday – Friday, 0830 – 5.00pm on 01531 635678. You may even here some additional members of the family joining in the call!
  • All stock items are being shipped same day but please allow up to 5 days as the Carriers are experiencing extraordinary levels of demand.
  • We have been busy updating technical manuals, user manuals and product literature to support each Helping Hand range. We will shortly be releasing new user videos covering product assembly, how to use and case studies. All of these will be available for you to view on the website.
  • We are available for virtual appointments, set up remote product evaluation and where essential, have the necessary PPE to complete face to face appointments.
  • Using technology, we’ve now got used to using Microsoft teams, Zoom, What’s App and Skype, particularly where benefits a group of people. Discussing forward planned campaigns, reviewing product trials and even completing product demonstrations. We look forward to booking a call with you.




Litterpicking Guidance during #Lockdown2

Whilst we are all disappointed to be entering another lockdown – we are aware that litter picking can be great for your mental health as well as the local environment.
However, here at Helping Hand Environmental all want this to be done safely within the parameters of the second lockdown in England starting on Thursday 5th November.
Please note: this guidance is purely for litter-picking in England from our friends at Keep Britain Tidy. Should you wish to carry out volunteer litter picking in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland – please contact Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Wales Tidy or Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful for futher regionally information and updates.
Litterpicking in England can be carried out alone or in pairs based on the current government guidance for meeting with people outside of your household.
Before going out alone or in pairs, please remember:
✅Individuals currently shielding, in ‘at risk’ groups, displaying symptoms (or in contact with those with symptoms) or have been directly advised to self-isolate should not litter-pick.
✅If you have litterpicking equipment and wish to give it to other people for litter-picking, please follow these points:
  • Please use litter-pickers, gloves and hi-vis vests at all times. The gloves must be your own and not borrowed from someone else.
  • We recommend volunteers keep hold of this kit, rather than return it after each use so that only they use it.
  • Should you need to purchase your own litter picking kit, please view our safer litter collection range
  • For Distribution – please leave litter-pickers or tidy up kit outside your property with a bottle of household anti-bacterial spray. We suggest giving out a small number so that you can keep track of them.Please spray the handle of the litter-picker when you collect it and again if returned.
  • Please share the Guidance for volunteers working alone or in pairs (below) with other volunteers.
Guidance for volunteers working alone or in pairs
  • Tell someone where you are going and stay in mobile contact.Use your own gloves and a litter-picker. Clean both after use before storing.
  • Wash hands before and after at home or nearby w/c facilities.
  • Carry hand sanitiser.
  • Stay at least one metre from fellow volunteer and members of the public.
  • Unless you have made an arrangement with your local council to collect your full rubbish bags, don’t pick any more than you can put in your own bin at home.
  • Don’t pick up sharps/syringes.
  • Litter should be tied up in strong waste sacks.
Should you need any further information, download our latest litterpicking guide or speak to our friendly team on 01531 635678 –  we’re here to lend a Helping Hand.
Keep safe #LitterHeroes 🙏♻️