Community Volunteer Litter picking

Every week, tens of thousands of volunteers are out fighting the blight of litter. An army of litterheroes working to help preserve local neighbourhoods.

Not only does Litter make where we live look ugly, litter is a threat to wildlife and public health. Pitching in and cleaning up some litter is an easy way for anyone to help out; at any age.

It makes sound financial too – as an extension to local litter collection services, develops pride and love into your local neighbourhood. Everyone is a winner!

For one Local Authority in the West Midlands:

  •  £16,326 of sustainable litter collection equipment purchased
  •  50,424 hours of Litter picking activity completed in one year
  •  Equivalent Council manpower cost £504,240

Doing a Litter Pick?

Are you organising an litter picking event, taking part in a local litter picking campaign or working alone as a solo litter hero – we recommend you contact your Local Authority first, they often loan volunteer litter picking equipment or litter pickers to volunteers/groups and schools.

What to organise your own Litter pick? Here’s our quick step by step guide and online video

And if you want to make litter picking more fun and engaging; here is our top tips!  and other volunteers in action

Take Part in the Great British Spring Clean 2021

Save The Date!

We are delighted to announce that The Great British Spring Clean 2021 will take place from 28 May – 13 June 2021.

Embrace & recognise your local actions will making a positive difference to where you live and the collective army of volunteers around the UK – become an environmental ambassador for change.

    • Solo picking or as part of a volunteer group or with your household, your actions will influence behavioural change to litter
    • Support available to collect even more when you litter pick (through funding via your local authority or businesses, evidencing the positive impact of your activity
    • Enabling litter collection and segregation in line with local waste streams, diverting waste from landfill (litter v DMR) and support a circular economy #reuse #recycle #rethink
    • Collect & carry; separate & sort; smarter, safer and even more than ever before!

Need 100% reusable litter picking equipment?

Speak to our Helping Hand Team on 01531 635678 to access exclusive promotional offers as a volunteer litter picker, or for your volunteer litter picking group and access our discounted order forms

Have you seen our NEW Handicart Range of folding litter picking carts? Your perfect litter picking companion #reuse #litterpick #recycle


Looking for environmental funding or how to approach local business to support your litter pick? Visit our funding page

We love to get involved in our local community actions too. If you would like to share what you are doing – please join our online Litterpicking forum

Here are just a few examples of the great community Litter Heroes we are working with today…

Environmental Education

Environmental education connects us to the world around us. It helps build awareness of the issues impacting where and how we live as well as action we can take to improve and sustain it.

Through education we can empower change:

  • learning inside and outside of the classroom
  • improve environmental awareness
  • encourage healthier lifestyles
  • strengthen local communities
  • take action to keep our environment healthy and sustainable for the future.

Have you signed up to Eco-Schools? Eco-Schools engages 19.5 million children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme on the planet.

Our library of online resources can be used to support you in your journey to achieve Eco Schools Green Flag award.

Action Plan:

1 Getting started – how to set up your green team

2 Build your community – get everyone involved – pupils, teachers, parents, local businesses

3 In classroom activity – including awesome lesson plans, litter audits and competitions

4 How to guides – including how to organise a litter pick at school

5 Where can I find funding

To get your free lesson taster click here

Want to organise a litter pick at your school? Get some top tips from Danielle – and the Birchwood Eco Warriors conducting a litter pick at their school with Blue Peter.