Environmental Charities

Who do we work alongside?

Community LitterpickingWe take a proactive role to help stimulate positive action. Working together with like-minded, passionate people, for the benefit of our planet.

With our charity partners, together we help

  • Local authorities, schools and volunteer groups
  • Support local, national and international events and campaigns
  • Engage in land, coastal and sea based waste management


Our current partnerships include…


To make a difference today, give us a call on 01531 635678 or email sales@helpinghand.co.uk


Community Groups and Incentives

To ensure that every community has the help they need and support of others, a UK Litterpicking Group has been created on Facebook. Thousands of members share their stories, their advice and ask questions.

We also run many Hero of The Month awards here where we ask the community to nominate some local superheroes. You can fill in our entry form here and take a look at some of our stories on the UK Litterpicking Group.