Funding & Grants

UK Funding & Grants for Litter Picking Projects

In order to achieve environmental goals by running successful and sustainable clean-up campaigns, we unquestionably need the appropriate funding to make it all happen.

There are many funding routes already available, and new grant schemes are frequently announced.

Charities, local governments, and the National Lottery all offer funding schemes, many of which can be claimed for clean-up campaigns. Good news for everyone!

Knowing where to find such grants and how to apply for them can be tricky. That’s where Helping Hand Environmental comes in!


Approaching your local authority, town council, or parish council is a good starting point. Representatives from these organisations will be able to tell you if they can support your litter picking group. There are a few ways that local authorities can support you, including loaning litter picking equipment, donating rubbish bags, providing PPE, and collecting the rubbish you collect.

Additionally, they may have access to environmental budgets and local community grants each year. Speak to your local authority and/or town and parish council, or check their websites for funding updates. If you need any help figuring out who is the best contact within your waste service, give our  friendly team a call on 01531 635678.



Helping Hand Environmental run special offers throughout the year and have discounted equipment available for volunteer litter pickers, groups and environmental charities with limited budgets (upto 50% off our RRP). As the manufacturer we will be able to offer you the best price for our sustainable litter picking equipment – so you only have to buy once and work with you to help provide bespoke quotations, sustainable procurement information to support your funding bids.

Our Environmental Team would be happy to help by pointing you in the right direction and supporting you in planning your clean up activity. Our FREE Volunteer Litter Guide Toolkit is full of useful hints and tips on how to conduct a successful event.

For further assistance, please call us on 01531 635678 or email


I am part of a community group. Do I qualify for any discount?
At Helping Hand, we often support community groups in their clean up campaigns and have special discounted order forms for supporters of our environmental charities and for groups or schools with limited budgets. We have even donated products and taken part in litter picking campaigns ourselves. We also gift aid back on the sale of our goods to national environmental charities to support the good work they do. Please contact the Environmental Team for the latest offers/special discounts.

I have a certain amount of people in my clean up group. How much equipment do I need?
We can tailor orders to support your group need/size of groups. Our standard kits are available in singles, up to 10 people, or up to 30 people. You can store away and reuse each litter picking kit after every clean up, ensuring the equipment is there for you whenever you need it. We also supply equipment in single units and as combi versions for adults and children, families to litter pick together – so whatever your litter picking activity, we can supply you with the correct equipment to enable you to litter pick safely! Helping Hand can also personalise your products to promote your campaign or group.