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Helping Hand Litter Bag Hoops  – Handihoop

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The Litterpicker’s best friend, the Handihoop litter bag ring is the tool to have if you are carrying out community clean ups.

The simple and lightweight hoop is easy to use, comfy to carry, robust and just makes any type of litter collection so much easier. Whether a volunteer, street cleansing operative, janitorial, school, landscaper, a bin bag is never going to stay open by itself.

Reusable, lightweight, with optional foam handle or erPro plastic handle offering, litter picking has never been easier.

Other popular bag openers from our Handihoop range are available in our online shop – including the Handihoop Plus and coming soon the Handihoop Duo which encourage you to collect and carry, segregate and sort and recycle on the go!

Handi Hoop features:

  • Secure Grip
  • Option Foam or Pro Plastic Handle
  • Professional tool: high quality and robust
  • Increase your collection capacity by 66% with a bag opener
  • The Helping Hand Company manufacture the Handihoop range

Handi Hoop Testimonials:

“A great time saving tool which makes light work of litter, supports our service delivery and has created a more professional perceptive operative in the public eye”
Swansea City Council

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