Hero of the Month Award Announced for Clean Up Scotland


Former Scottish Government Minister, Jim Mather, was presented with the prestigious Clean Up Scotland “Hero of the Month Award” award in recognition of his tireless efforts to clean up roadside litter.

The current Homes for Scotland chairman has, for a number of years, witnessed the detrimental impact that roadside litter can have on Scotland’s precious scenery. This has led him to regularly collect rubbish from local beauty spot Drynie Hill on the A861 – improving what he considers one of Scotland’s most stunning landscapes.

On receiving the award, he commented: “As a keen cyclist I see the litter accumulating at the side of the road up close and personal. I collect rubbish from some of the most stunning and precious landscapes in the West Highlands – particularly Drynie Hill, above Acharacle on the A861. That road perennially wins hearts and return visits – however in recent years those visits can be soured and spoiled by litter and other detritus.

“I welcome all the endeavours of Keep Scotland Beautiful and others, and hope that we can get the issue of roadside litter much further up the public policy agenda, triggering much more effective interventions.”

The Clean Up Scotland Hero award is supported by Helping Hand Environmental which provides each Hero with a Clean Up kit – including a new Scottish litter picker and handy hoop.

He was also commended by Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, who said: “I would like to congratulate Jim for setting a fantastic example and demonstrating how an individual’s commitment to litter picking can go a long way. His efforts have helped to deliver outstanding results and have helped to protect and restore our precious landscape.

“I welcome his call for further intervention in order to change behaviour towards littering. National and local politicians need to seriously consider whether Scotland can continue to neglect such an important issue and Scotland would benefit from strong leadership to ensure that behaviour is changed nationwide.”