Kiko Matthews completes her Kik Plastic Tour

The Kik Plastic Tour is now complete and the results are in!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the inspirational Kiko Matthews! What an phenomenal achievement.

🚴🏼‍♀️ 6900 km cycled
🏔climbing 7x Everest sea to summit
👫1960 volunteers joined us
🏖 on 79 beach cleans.
🗑collecting 3436 kg of waste removed.

The amount of litter collected weight the same as 20 male giant pandas! Of this, 859kg was materials that are commonly and easily recycled such as glass bottles, aluminium cans and plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles, tubs and cups were the most common recyclable items found during the beach cleans, accounting for 515kg of 60% of the rubbish collected that could have been recycled. Cans came in second, at 24%followed by glass and paper at 9% and 7% respectively.

For non-recyclable waste, the worst culprit was fishing industry waste, including nets and ropes, found on 48 of the 79 beaches. Flexible plastics – items such as plastic bags, food and confectionary wrappers and crisp packets – also accounted for a significant amount of non recyclable litter.

Helping Hand Environmental  sponsored the first clean up at Margate, then Bude and Great Yarmouth!

Our colleagues have loved taking part with Kiko and donating the tour official litter picking equipment which has helped on 79 beach cleans involving nearly 2,000 volunteers and collecting 3436 kg of litter!


Find out more about the tour and the inspirational Kiko Matthews at

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