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Introducing the 2021 Litterpicker Pro Gel – manufactured with an world exclusive silicone gel handle to support every day litter collection.

If you’ve ever taken part in a litter pick; as part of your frontline service delivery, or as voluntary action – selecting right tools to pick up litter is essential.

The 2021 Litterpicker Pro Gel offers all the same benefits of our well loved Pro range but the newly designed super soft, comfy grip gel handle guarantees sustained use every day.

Do you suffer discomfort from picking up for long periods of time? Avoid hand fatigue with our World Exclusive pressure reducing comfy-grip gel handled Litterpicker; guarantees a comfortable and secure pick up every time.

For frontline staff this Litterpicker will help your service teams deliver 24/7 cleansing tasks with ease – increasing productivity and reducing RSI and MSD complaints.

As a company, our passion is creating products to support everyday wellness. We understand completely it sometimes becomes a challenge to pick up with underlying health conditions – such as hand tremors, CTS and arthritis. The 2021 Litterpicker Pro Gel exclusive comfy grip gel handle supports comfortable extended use, throughout your clean up event and a hygienic wipe clean handle.

Manufactured from 10% recycling materials and 100% reusable; your next generation of professional litter picker has arrived!

Key features

  • World Exclusive pressure reducing comfy-grip handle for sustained use – alleviates hand fatigue
  • Prevents MSD and RSI
  • Designed to support long periods of litter collection
  • Available in 85cm/33″ standard length
  • Available in 93cm/37″ extended length for hard to reach areas, or for taller users
  • Manufactured from 10% recycled materials – 82% recyclable – 100% reusable

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