The C Word

Since Greta Thunberg “Wake Up” speech at the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference earlier this month, the world has been hooked on Climate Action, but what does this really mean? And can we make any difference to the outcome of Climate Change?

The Helping Hand Company is committed to support – Climate Action (UN Sustainable Development Goal 13) but it is important to understand what Climate Action is and how can we help to reduce the amount of carbon we are all producing;  as individuals, families and of course as businesses.

Climate Change is an acute threat to global development. Keeping rising temperatures to below 2 degrees will require coordinated global action, but we can all make a difference locally to implement Climate Action.

At the United Nations conference, five key climate challenges were addresses during the day with speakers presenting case studies of practical solutions to support each challenge. However, we can all take part in developing climate action for positive change, just like our business is doing below.

In support of United Nations Day today – read on how The Helping Hand Company is implementing Climate Action as a business and with our customers.

1 Healthy Energy Systems can prevent dangerous effects from climate change. This can be achieved through a shift toward cleaner energy.

Our Example: accelerate the transition to electric vehicles or cleaner modes of transport by 2030.

  • Our business is investing in greener technology for our fleet of vehicles. Already the majority of senior management team own cars which are fully hybrid or electric.
  • We offer a Bike to Work scheme at both our Hereford and Ledbury manufacturing sites in support of Government legalisation. Our scheme saves over 100 miles of ‘carbon negative’ car journeys every week which comes to 4,800 miles per annum; with our Senior Management team saving over 1,000 miles every year in C02!


2 Inclusive Economic Growth requires climate leadership, clean technology and smarter supply chains.

Our Example: set sustainability targets and built climate resilient supply chains

  • As our company name, suggests, we really care about the environment. As well as our mission to make the whole world litter free and divert as much rubbish as possible from landfill to recycling, we also constantly look for new ways to minimise our environmental impact. From manufacturing as much as possible (KPI of 97%) using recyclable materials to recycled compostable packaging, we aim for zero waste. We also produce recycling kits alongside our products, which can extend their lifespans by 300%.
  • We work with our suppliers to reduce single use plastics, refuse excess packaging and polystyrene entering our factories
  • We work with our customers to help them implement sustainable procurement – #factory2hand

3 Sustainable Communities create buildings, communities and infrastructure that is clean, healthy and liveable.

Our Example: transform our infrastructure through innovation and partnership working

  • We have invested in LED Lighting, Solar Panels and Air Source Heating across our factories reducing our carbon footprint by 75%
  • Our Helping Hand Community Trust, has helped communities in Herefordshire to renovate school and community gardens, redevelop trust premises and our recent Herefordshire Bull project encourages schools to recycle.

4 Land and Ocean Stewardship implementation of climate friendly land use, conservation and agriculture policies

Our Example: transform our communities through innovation and partnership working

  • We worked with 346,012 litter pick volunteers in the first three months of this year alone, providing them not just with litter-pick tools, but also educationally to recycle on the go.
  • As well as supplying more than 90% of all local authorities in the UK, we are the official partners for environmental charities and campaigns in the UK and Europe from Marine Conservation Society, Keep Britain Tidy and Keep Scotland Beautiful to Nederland Schoon in Holland and in Belgium. We work in partnership to implement game changing campaigns to help tackle litter in our communities and encourage the segregation of waste (zero to landfill) in support government legalisation and policies.

5 Transformative Climate Investments encouragement to act in one or more of the following areas: investment, corporate engagement, policy advocacy and investor disclosure.

Our Example: inspire others to implement change which in turn will have global benefit

  • We invest annually in £500K worth of blue sky innovations with our customers to provide game changing solutions to tackle environmental issues.
  • Due to our knowledge, experience and network of partners, we can act as a valued advisor on new environmental litter clearance projects and help link up community groups with local authorities, charities and businesses looking to fund such projects. We have a long-term view on developing sustainable relationships, working with global brands such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Costa.

Lastly, if you would like our help and inspire others who may wish to participate in Global Climate Action, please give our team a call on 01531 635678 or contact us