Environmental education, education for sustainable development, learning about litter

Environmental education is imperative to the health of our planet. Children are the future, and educating them on environmental issues will help to ensure they themselves have a future!

Doing a litter pick is a great way to engage children in learning about litter. So if you’re working towards an Eco Schools accreditation or your own local environmental education initiative, keep reading!

We offer a whole range of litter picking equipment designed specifically for children in our online shop. Our range includes environmental education tools, kids hi vis jackets, safety gloves, litter pickers, and bag hoops.

To help teachers, the Eco school book is packed with handy hints, tips and how-to guides. Lesson plans linked to the national curriculum support environmental education for all ages, giving you the tools you need to educate the next generation on how to care for our planet.


Our Working Partners


Working together, we can all make a difference every day. School projects and community groups – large and small – across the world – who do you recognise in our latest gallery? We like to get our hands dirty too, but if you’d like to share your work, you can email us your news at sales@helpinghand.co.uk or join in the conversation on our Facebook community, UK Litterpicking Groups.