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Litter Clearance

Commercial Litter Picking Equipment

Litter Clearance

Street cleansing services costs £1 billion per year in England on Litter Clearance.  To you and me that is £2.7 million spent every day.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, every Local Authority works hard to keep their land and public highways clear of litter and refuse. This Street cleansing service includes:

  • Cleansing town centres, residential areas, villages
  • Mechanical sweeping of main routes
  • Litterpicking
  • Weed spraying
  • Collection of fly tipping and other types of litter from public land

The Government has set new targets for every Local Authority to increase recycling rate for all Litter collected. From April 2020, one tonne disposed to Landfill costs £94.15 a tonne. A dry mixed recyclable collection services doesn’t just make good economic sense.

The UK generates over 40 million tonnes of commercial waste each year. Disposing of this waste is a significant cost for any business, whether it’s rubble from a building site, paper from an office, or cooking oil from a restaurant, it all needs chucking away.

Litter is bad news for everyone – business, tourism, wildlife, and our environment.

92% of local authorities in the UK have entrusted us to supply their commercial litter clearance equipment – including Litterpickers, Bag Openers, the NEW Recycle on the Go litter picking carts and volunteer litter picking kits

Need 100% reusable commercial litter picking equipment? Speak to our Helping Hand Team on 01531 635678.

Our local authority partners include:

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