Volunteer Litter Picking

Every day, volunteer litter picking groups are out collecting litter in their local area. We are proud to work with thousands of these community champions every year.

Helping Hand Environmental now offers even more to the volunteer litter picking groups in our network – our range of litter picking campaign services include:

  • Community Litter Picking Resources
  • Funding and Grant Information
  • Environmental Partnerships
  • Environmental Education Resources
  • Litter Picking Hubs
  • Helping Hand Brand Ambassadors scheme
  • Recycle on the Go Innovations
  • PR & Marketing Services
  • Bespoke Clean Up Kits

We also manage the UK Litterpicking Groups Facebook page, a community page for anyone who takes part in litter picking activities in the UK and beyond. Our community goal is to celebrate the hard work of every volunteer, provide important information to volunteers, and offer support to everyone involved in making our Earth a cleaner and safer place.

We provide discounts for volunteer groups purchasing five or more items. To view these exclusive rates, please download the form below.


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