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The #2MINUTEBEACHCLEAN is  run by The Beach Clean Network Limited a not for profit organisation that was set up in 2009 by Martin Dorey and Tab Parry to encourage beach cleaning.

Helping Hand Environmental have been working with this innovative group since 2015. Using Twitter and Instagram to try to inspire others, Martin came up with the idea of doing just 2 minutes of picking up litter at a time – but every time – and began using the hashtag. Since then many thousands of hashtagged posts have appeared on Instagram and Twitter from every continent.

And their beach clean stations are A-Frame boards with an outer holder for our litter pickers and an integrated holder for carrier bags. Users take a litter picker and a bag, fill it up with litter for 2 minutes or more and dispose of the litter in nearby bins or recycling points.


If you are a regular beach cleaner, supporter of #2minutebeachclean, or are looking for beach clean boards call our sales team on 01531 635678 quoting 2MBCGROUP for your partnership discount and further product information.

Plus you can now order our official #2MINUTEBEACHCLEAN equipment for their beach clean boards, #2minutebeachclean, #2minutelitterpick and #2minutestreetpick directly from their  Webshop

Further information can be found on #2MinuteBeachClean

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