Litter Pickers

Sustainable Litter Pickers
Are you picking up different types of litter from cigarette butts to plastic bottles? Finding litter scattered on pavements to beaches? With our comprehensive range of litter picking tools, you are sure to find something suitable for the task at hand! Our Litter Picker PRO Range is tried and trusted to support general litter collection. Our PRO litter pickers are considered the world’s best-selling range of litter tools. The upgraded GEL handles are now available on Litter Picker PRO Gel and Streetmaster PRO Gel models. Choose a gel picker for pressure reducing, all day comfort. Tried and tested for precision pick up, our Street Master pickers all feature a 90-degree rotating head for accurate pick up in confined spaces. A popular choice for collecting smaller items such as chewing gum and micro plastic, and perfectly shaped for bottles and cans. Rugged and durable, the Ranger MAX is your ideal companion for heavy duty litter picking. Increase the life of your Ranger by up to 300% with a Ranger Recycle Kit.