Recycle on the Go

Recycle on the Go with our Handicart Range and Street Boss litter segregation carts

  • Recycle on the Go – collect, sort and segregate litter (DMR vs general)
  • Change behaviour and empower local positive actions
  • Increase litter collection capacity – upto 402% over standard bag hoops
  • Manufactured from a minimum of 35% recycled materials, 82% recyclable & 100% reusable
  • Support operational efficiency – our sustainable range of litter picking carts is upto 50% lighter than conventional barrows

NEW Handi Cart Lite

The NEW Handicart Lite is your perfect litter picking companion. The lightweight mobile litter picking cart for smarter litter collection increases your waste collection capacity by 286% compared to a standard bag hoop! Litterpick on the go with our eco-friendly litter picking cart made from 35% recycled materials.

NEW Handi Cart Duo

The NEW Handicart Duo litter cart supports litter segregation, driving behavioural change in how we manage our waste and collect litter. The dual waste stream capacity makes it easier to separate & sort general litter vs dry mixed recyclables. Recycle on the Go, with our eco-friendly litter picking cart made from 35% recycled materials.

Handi Cart Pro

The Handicart Pro is the ultimate litter cart made from 49% recycled materials is your perfect community cleansing solution. Increase litter collection capacity upto 402% with this litter picking cart vs standard bag openers and Recycle more on the Go.

Street Boss

The commercial litter collection cart for smarter litter segregation. Achieve quantifiable results to support your frontline service delivery, waste contract and recycling targets. Complete with multi-functional tool kit for everyday cleansing tasks on the move.

With a Street Boss, litter segregation has never been so easy –  collect & carry, seperate & sort, scoop & sweep, smarter, safer and further with our one stop mobile cleansing system; made from 51% recycled materials.