Browse our range of sustainable litter pickers to select the right litter picking product for your litter pick.  We have a litter picker grabber at hand for every litter picking task; manufactured from upto 39% recycled materials.

Our standard length (85cm/33″) Pro range litter pickers: Litterpicker Pro, Streetmaster Pro and Ranger MAX –  are considered the world’s best selling range of professional litter clearance hand tools.

And NEW for 2022, our world exclusive Gel handles litter pickers for next generation litter picking! Choose from the Litterpicker Pro Gel or Streetmaster Pro Gel – available in 33″ and 37″ lengths.

Working in confined spaces? Then try our Tidy Jon Pro at only 45cm/18” or our foldable Safe Pick Pro litter grabbers in 21.5” and 33″ for on the go litter picking – both brilliant pick up sticks.

Not forgetting the much loved children Graptor litter picker!

Need an extra helping hand – how about 10 foot litter picker…we think that might be the worlds longest grabber? We design and manufacture a litter picker for every litter picking task, view our usage guide

Our expertise in the field of litter management guarantees our litter picker grabbers against any other in the marketplace for quality, greener procurement, improved productivity and safer handling; working towards a cleaner environment and sustainability in manufacturing with a minimum 10% recycled content across all our core products. They’re also up to 87% recyclable and – because we don’t do single use plastic – 100% reusable. Below you’ll see a range of litter clean up tools, trash picking sticks and litter picking equipment:

Sustainable Litter Picking Range and pages

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