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Commercial Litter Pickers

Local authority, waste contractor or facilities management companies all hold a duty of care to keep our streets clean and public areas clean. The types of litter most commonly found:

  • Plastic (bottles, packaging, crisp packets, bags, chewing gum..)
  • Paper (including cardboard, newspapers, magazines, coffee cups, fast food wrappers)
  • Glass
  • Cigarette butts
  • Dog poo and other hazardous waste

Tackling litter scattered on pavements, carparks, greenspaces, beaches, rivers and motorways – we need to turn the tide. By recycling just 50% of all Litter thrown on our streets today, we could save £14.8million pounds every year – or £40,547 a day!



Do you manage street cleansing, waste management, grounds maintenance, facilities management or community engagement?

Browse below to find what suits your litter picking needs or for a quick search, check this handy usage guide

Our standard 33″ Litterpicker, Streetmaster and 35″ Ranger – Helping Hand litter pickers are the world’s best selling range of professional litter clearance hand tools.

Working in confined spaces – then the Tidy Jon is only 18” (45cm) long or you could try the folding Safe Pick Pro at 21” (53cm) – both brilliant pick up sticks.

Needs an extra long helping hand – how about 10 foot (3m) litter picker…we think that might be the worlds longest grabber?

Litterpicker Pro

Ideal for general litter picking – used by nearly 500 Local Authorities around the UK . Our Litterpicker Pro is the professional’s choice for daily litter picking duties and community clean up campaigns. This litter picker comes in a variety of lengths and variations too!

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Litterpicker Pro

Streetmaster Pro

Our precise litter grabber is ideal for hard surfaces – micro plastics and cigarettes butts be gone thanks to the Streetmaster Pro! The dual action swivel head litter picker, let’s you get into confined spaces with ease – precision pick up indoors or out. Available in a vairety of lengths from 33″ to 50″ and our Tidy Jon Pro litter picker at just 18″ forms part of the Streetmaster family.

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Streetmaster Pro

Ranger MAX

Heavy duty litter collection made easy thanks to our Ranger MAX litter pickers. Decide between  a straight or curved handle option. Increase productivity & longevity by 300% with its own recycle kit too! Your perfect companion for commerical litter picking.

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Ranger MAX Straight

Handiscoop Pro

For things you don’t want to touch; quick and easy collection on any surface with this poop scoop. The Handiscoop Pro – the world’s best pooper scooper. This innovative grabber is also brilliant for tackling wet leaves in your garden.

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Handiscoop Pro

Safe Pick Pro (Folding)

The immediate response litter grabber – isolate and collect needles, with our 21.5″ foldable litter picker the Safe Pick Pro – an ideal companion for your sharp pouch, plogging bags, rucksacks or paddleboarding events or solo litter picking on the go.

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Safe Pick Pro Folding

Want to see our reusable litter pickers being made – please come visit us in Herefordshire or view the Factory 2 Hand tour


Volunteer Litter Picking Equipment

Do you litter pick as part of your job, because you are a Litter Hero, at school or in a group?

This last year, we are proud to have worked alongside 346,012 community volunteers making a difference in their local neighbourhoods.

  1. Are you organising an event, taking part in a local campaign or working alone – we recommend you contact your Local Authority first, as they will often loan volunteer Litterpicking equipment or Adopt a Street kits. To find out who the best contact to speak to in your area, contact us or call 01531 635678.
  2. Need help to purchase litterpicking equipment, and to learn about the latest funding grants available – visit our Funding page
  3. Browse our online shop for a range of reusable volunteer litter picking equipment – and support your local Environmental charity too.
  4. To promote your local group and campaign, you can personalise your own kit too – view our personalised equipment forms here
  5. Visit our Downloads section to access our latest discounted order forms for volunteers, groups and schools – fill in electronically and email them back to us!

We hate litter and are rather passionate about it. We love to get involved in our local community too. If you would like to share what you are doing – please join our online community forum – https://www.helpinghand.co.uk/community/

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