Do you manage street cleansing, waste management, grounds maintenance, facilities management or community engagement?

Browse our range of sustainable litter pickers to select the right litter picking product for your litter pick.  We have a litter picker at hand for every litter picking task, view our usage guide

Our standard 33″ Litterpicker Pro, Streetmaster Pro and 35″ Ranger MAX – Helping Hand litter pickers are the world’s best selling range of professional litter clearance hand tools.

Working in confined spaces – then the Tidy Jon is only 18”  long or you could try our folding Safe Pick Pro range at 21” and 33″ – both brilliant pick up sticks.

Needs an extra helping hand – how about 10 foot litter picker…we think that might be the worlds longest grabber?

Made from a minimum of 10% recycled materials and always 100% reusable – we manufacture a litter picker for every litter picking task, view our usage guide

NEW 2021 – Litterpicker Pro Gel

Our World Exclusive 2021 Litterpicker Pro Gel is designed to enhance  every day litter collection. Avoid hand fatigue when litter picking for longer periods; with the exclusive GEL handle – a comfortable and secure pick up every time. Available in 33” and 37” lengths.

Litterpicker Pro

Ideal for general litter picking – used by nearly 500 Local Authorities around the UK . Our Litterpicker Pro is the professional’s choice for daily litter picking duties and community clean up campaigns. This trigger style litter grabber comes in a variety of lengths from18″ upto 10ft – with foldable versions available too – perfectly portable for any litter pick.

Streetmaster Pro

Our precise litter grabber is ideal for hard surfaces – micro plastics and cigarettes butts be gone thanks to the Streetmaster Pro! The dual action swivel head litter picker, let’s you get into confined spaces with ease – precision pick up indoors or out. Available in a vairety of lengths from 33″ to 50″ and our Tidy Jon Pro litter picker at just 18″ forms part of the Streetmaster family.

Ranger MAX

Heavy duty litter collection made easy thanks to our Ranger MAX litter pickers. Decide between  a straight or curved handle option. Increase productivity & longevity by 300% with its own recycle kit too! Your perfect companion for commerical litter picking.

Handiscoop Pro

For things you don’t want to touch; quick and easy collection on any surface with this poop scoop. The Handiscoop Pro – the world’s best pooper scooper. This innovative grabber is also brilliant for tackling wet leaves in your garden.

Safe Pick Pro (Folding)

The ultimate portable litter grabber. The Safe Pick Pro is your ideal go anywhere litter picking companion. This foldable, lightweight design is perfect for daily exercise litter picks, beach cleans, plogging, mountain treks and paddleboarding – a must for solo litter pickers!