Handicart Pro – Litter picking/Litter Collection/Litter Segregation Cart

£312.50 + VAT

Good news! The Handicart Pro is available to order from the 30th August.

The Handicart Pro is light and compact but incredibly tough litter picking cart; made from 48% recycled materials. Fully loaded, it can hold over 32Kgs and with an adjustable handle the litter cart is always easy to manoeuvre through the tightest gaps to collect litter form combined spaces.

Puncture proof wheels allow the cart to be easily steered over a wide variety of terrain. The Handicart Pro is low maintenance and can be power washed to keep the unit clean and hygienic for everyday use.

The Helping Hand Company manufacture the Handicart Pro.


71 x 69 x 120cm



  • Increase your ability to Recycle on the Go when you litter pick with the Handicart Pro
  • Increases collection capacity saving time and money
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Puncture proof tyres for all terrains
  • Optional detachable Handi Hoop Plus with, scoop/sweep function
  • Increased productivity upto 402%
  • Made from 40% recycled materials – 100% reusable
  • Low maintenance
  • Product personalisation available

Good news! The Handicart Pro is available to order from the 30th August.

Weight9.60 kg
Dimensions72 × 58 × 36 cm

4 reviews for Handicart Pro – Litter picking/Litter Collection/Litter Segregation Cart

  1. Wendy Johnston

    n this weather the carts are proving invaluable!
    In this weather the carts are proving to be invaluable for our volunteers

  2. HH Environmental

    “It makes our jobs a lot easier and faster” Preston City Council

  3. HH Environmental

    “I am most pleased with the Handicart, it has made my litter picking much easier and definitely increases my productivity. It was fast and easy to assemble, is strong, durable and surprisingly light. The Handihoop plus is an excellent upgrade to the original hoops, holding the bag tight even when there is a fair weight inside. With two bags held strong by the Handihoop plus, I can sort rubbish from recycling and reduce the strain from having to carry bags around, which means I can go further and faster! The pouch on the back is useful too and currently I keep my secateurs, gloves and antibacterial gel in there. This is an excellent product which I would highly recommend to anyone” Alex Storr Community Volunteer

  4. Ian

    Just achieved my best daily sack collection record, with 27 sacks collected today, with Handicart.

    There cannot be anybody else in the UK that has pushed the Handi Cart to these limits. I cannot thank Helping Hands enough for their fantastic support.

    To date, 2100 sacks removed and fast approaching half a million items of litter removed.

    Could not have done it without Handicart

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