Handihoop – Bag Openers/Litter Bag Hoops

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The Litterpicker’s best friend, the Handihoop bag openers are the tool to have if you are carrying out a clean up – wherever you are.

The simple and lightweight hoop easy to use, comfy to carry, robust and just makes any type of litter collection so much easier. Whether a volunteer, street cleansing operative, janitorial, school, landscaper, a bin bag is never going to stay open by itself.

Reusable, lightweight, with optional handle offering, litterpicking has never been easier.

The Helping Hand Company are the manufacturer of the Handihoop, Handihoop Pro & Handihoop Plus.


55 x 37 x 15 cm





  • Improve collection capacity by 143% with a Handihoop
  • Choice of handles to guarantee a secure grip all day long
  • Fits any standard cleansing bags and recycling sacks
  • Chose from Foam Handle or Pro Handle Option
  • Capacity 6-8kg


Handle Type

Pro, Foam


Handihoop Foam

How do you load the bags?

We have created a dedicated product video on how to load your bag onto the handihoop – please watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/572009976

Handihoop Pro

How do you load the bags/is it easier to use than the standard hoop – what is the point of the handle/comfort less RSI etc?

We have created a dedicated product video on how to load your bag onto the handihoop pro – please watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/572009851

The different between the foam handle and Pro handle is personal preference. The plastic Pro handle offers a secure grip thanks to its ergonomic design to support RSI.

Is 24 hour delivery available?
Yes. If we receive order requests for standard stock by midday, we can despatch goods on a 24 hour service at a minimal charge of £10.

Can I request a visit from a representative from The Helping Hand Company?
We have representatives in the field who are there to help, so if you require someone to talk through the products or campaigns face-to-face, then please contact us on 01531 635678. We can also undertaken skype, zoom video calls and webinars with our customers.

Can I personalise any of the products?
We do offer a personalisation service across some of our product range to support our partners in their campaign or organisation promotion. Please contact us for more information by calling 01531 635678 or email sales@helpinghand.co.uk

Is there discounts or bulk buys available?
We do offer professional and trade pricing acros our range. We also have discounted order forms available for volunteers, groups and schools.

Please note our online shop is a Retail Shop, therefore should you wish to order more than 5+ of any one item, we suggest always giving our friendly team a call to find out the latest offers, promotions and pricing by calling 01531 635678 or email sales@helpinghand.co.uk

What are our opening times?
Our standard office opening times are, excluding Bank Holidays:

Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm
Friday 8.30pm – 4.30pm

We are closed at weekends.

6 reviews for Handihoop – Bag Openers/Litter Bag Hoops

  1. Lance McLellan-Hatton

    Fantastic product although it’s only good for lighter rubbish as soon as the bag fills up with bottles and cans it pulls away from the rubber bungy secure ring. So I use a make shift dust cart to carry heavier items and only use rings for lighter stuff. Another problem we still have is brambles ripping bags to shreds an outer tougher bag that clips to ring would probably solve this problem of over weighted bags and tearing.

  2. Sohnee

    Simple and Effective

    A pretty simple and effective tool for the job much easier to go on a litter pick with this!

  3. Andrew

    Product exactly as described

    The product was exactly as described and fitted the purpose to act as a ring for site/cleansing managers to collect litter

  4. D Waddell

    Great product at a reasonable price

    Much easier to use than having to carry a plastic bag. I have used on several occasions and would never go back to struggling to carry a bag especially in windy conditions

  5. Stacker

    Easy to use

    Great item, used a few times a week with a large bin bag to collect rubbish from our local woods. Much better than trying to manage a flapping plastic bag!

  6. Peter

    An ideal tool to assist in collecting litter

    The Handihoop is an excellent tool to assist in the collection of litter. The clip system is excellent, holding the refuse bag easily. Used in conjunction with a litterpicker pro it makes light work of the task.

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