Handiscoop Pro – Pooper Scooper

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    The revolutionary tool that cleans up any dog fouling, wherever you are!

    Effective on all types of surfaces, it doesn’t matter where you are – on the beach or on grass (the teeth on the jaw end enable the sand to filter out or the blades of grass to remain on the ground, so you are efficiently left with just the litter!), in a playground where it is paramount to keep children’s play areas clean from dog fouling, or on the tarmac of streets and pavements.

    Furthermore, it is easily cleanable, and can also be used with poop scoop bags, so the cleaning part is even less of a job! You can load a few bags on at the same time too, so when you next have to collect dog litter, you are already set to go! It saves you time every time.


    18″                 45x16x7
    33″                 85x16x7



    • Prevents the need for bending down to pick up dog fouling
    • It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere
    • It doesn’t matter what surface you are picking up the mess from – sand, gravel, grass – it works a treat anywhere.
    • Can be used with or without poop scoop bags!



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    Handiscoop Pro 18", Handiscoop Pro 33", Handiscoop Poop Bags, Dog Fouling Education Kit

    8 reviews for Handiscoop Pro – Pooper Scooper

    1. firerooter.com

      Legal – many areas of the country offer spot fines for dog fouling, so you can stay on the right side of the law by clearing up your dog’s poop.

    2. firv4school.com

      The Helping Hand Company have invested a lot of money over recent years in developing litter clearance solutions to the highest engineering standards.

    3. Cara B

      I ordered this because I have a really bad back and it was getting more and more difficult and painful for me to pick up. I LOVE IT! I don’t need to bend at all (saves my back and keep my nose further away from the stink) the bags are easy to put on and easy to remove after picking up.

    4. Jill

      Good Buy!

      Perfect for me as just had a hip replacement and can’t bend so the longer option makes cleaning up after my dog easy

    5. Diane

      Great product a must have for any dog owner – ideal for dealing with big and small dogs and their dodo

    6. Amazon Customer

      Great service and product as expected – five stars!

    7. Marta


      absolutely brilliant, never had issues with this and so much easier to do this job at home or out walking

    8. PaulaM

      Best thing invented for this tiresome job!

      Fabulous product!

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