Kids Group Clean Up Kit


Please note, kits have a 5-10 day lead time.

Get kitted out for your clean up! This Kids Group Clean Up Kit provides all that children need for clean, safe, and enjoyable litter collection. Designed for children aged 7-11, this practical kit includes:
10 x Hi Vis Child Size Vests
10 x Pairs Reusable Safety Gloves
5 x Graptor Litter Pickers 27”/68cm
5 x Handi Hoop Kids
2 x Red Kit Bags

✔ A practical tool kit for hands on environmental education
✔ Encourage responsibility and pride in the local community
✔ Dinosaur design on the litter picker will capture children’s imagination
✔ Safe and easy to use – pick up rubbish as quickly as possible
✔ Perfect for the Great British Spring Clean!
✔ Makes litter picking an enjoyable outdoor learning exercise

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Kids Group Clean Up Kit

Get kitted out for your clean up! A practical tool kit for hands on environmental education, this Kids Group Clean Up Kit is a widely used pack which provides all that children need for clean, safe, and enjoyable litter collection. Encourage responsibility and pride in the local community, while educating on the environmental impact of littering. Even better, litter picking encourages physical activity and improves mental health too! Designed for children aged 7-11, this practical kit includes 5 x Graptor Litter pickers measuring 27”/68cm, 5 x Handi Hoop Kids, 10 x child’s size hi vis vests, 10 x pairs of safety gloves and 2 x reusable red kit bags to carry and store everything in.

What else do I need to know about the Kids Group Clean Up Kit?

  • At just 27″/68cm the Graptor is a very child friendly length – a lightweight litter picker with a comfortable and secure grip. The over moulded handle is designed to support little hands. Making things easier when children litter pick, the ‘teeth’ on the Graptor’s grooved jaws are tailored to pick up litter as quickly as possible. The Dinosaur/Raptor design will capture children’s imagination when litter picking – it becomes an exciting outdoor learning exercise, and they want to do it again and again! The bright colour helps the child see this kid’s litter picker.
  • The Handi Hoop Kids will keep a safe grip of the rubbish bags with secure plastic clips. Hi Vis Vest will ensure safety and visibility if operating in poor light. Safety gloves will protect against sharp objects and surface liquids, keeping hands safe and dry. The red carry bag is ideal for storing your litter picking equipment in.
  • Perfect for little litter heroes. Collect litter in schools, parks, beaches, playgrounds and more!
  • High quality British design and manufacture from The Helping Hand Company – 100% reusable product. The Helping Hand Company is the only manufacturer of the Graptor and HH branded litter pickers – do not accept any imitations. No HH = not a genuine Helping Hand.

Product Specification

Graptor Length: 27″/68cm

Hoop Size: 10″ diameter

Graptor Material: Aluminium body

Hoop Material: ABS extrusion

Gloves Material: Nylon with nitrile palm coating

Graptor Handle: Latex free plastic

Hygiene: Wipe clean

Disposal: Recyclable

Product Code: LP1227VG5

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Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Kids Group Clean Up Kit. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us on our live chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

What is the best age of child to use this?
The Graptor is the perfect companion for any eco warrior. This 27″ picker is ideally suited to children aged 7-11 (key stage 2). If you are looking for a picker for nursery/infant/under 6 we would recommend the Tidy Jon PRO or Safe Pick PRO.

What lengths does the Graptor come in?
The Graptor is only available in the standard 27″ length.

Is the handle made of rubber or plastic?
The handle is made of Latex free plastic with a comfortable non-slip grip.

How big is the Handi-Hoop Clip?
The hoop measures 14” in diameter.

How do I fit the bag into the hoop?
To fit the bag, first unclip all clips on the hoop. Push an open bin bag through the hoop and attach bin bag to each clip. Go around hoop checking each clip is securely clipped in, then you are ready to start litter collecting! For more detailed instructions please click on the ‘Video’ tab above.

Can it be used as a walking aid?
No, our Litter Pickers cannot be used as walking aids.

Are there discounts for bulk buys available?
We offer professional and trade pricing across our range. We also have discounted order forms available for volunteers, groups, or schools. If you wish to order 5+ of any item(s), we suggest giving our friendly team a call on 01531 635678 or email


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