Create a Volunteer/Solo/Daily Exercise Litter Picking Kit

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Select from the options to create your own bespoke 100% Reusable Litter picking Kit

  • Select Litter Picker

  • Select Litter Bag Hoop

  • Select Hi-Vis Vest

  • Select Reusable Gloves

  • Select Health & Safety

  • Select Litter Picking Cart

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Create your own all-season, all-popular litter picking kit – perfect for any litter pick. Carry out your litter picking activity comfortably, enjoyably and of course safely.

Our 100% reusable litter picking range is perfect for solo litter picks, family & household litter picks, using your volunteer hours and supporting social distance clean ups activities. And a really popular option in support of daily exercise routines – whether your walking, hiking, plogging, beach cleaning or paddle boarding.

Different terrains will bring different challenges, so it’s really important to select the right tools for the job. For more information on the individual products that make up your litter picking kit, please visit our Product Pages here or visit our Helping Hand shop

Select Litter Picker

Litterpicker Option

Litterpicker Pro 33", Streetmaster Pro 37", Ranger Straight 37", Ranger Curved 37", Folding Litterpicker Pro 33", Graptor 27"

Select Litter Bag Hoop

Hoop type

Handihoop Foam, Handihoop Pro, Handihoop Plus, Handihoop Plus with Strap

Select Hi-Vis Vest

Vest Type

Adult Hi-Vis Vest, Kids Hi-Vis Vest

Select Reusable Gloves

Glove size

Adult gloves, Kids gloves

Select Health & Safety

Product Type

Hand wipes – 1 pack, Disinfectant Spray, Sharp Pouch, Sharp Pouch with Folding Safe Pick Pro 21.5", Safe Pick Pro Folding Picker 21.5"

Select Litter Picking Cart

Cart Type

Handicart Lite, Handicart Duo, Handicart Pro

Select Storage Bag

Bag type

Single Tidy Up Kit Bag, Group Tidy Up Kit Bag, Handicart Carry / Storage Bag