Litter Picker Bundle | Litterpicker PRO 33” & Handi Hoop PRO Clip



Bundle contents:

1x Litterpicker PRO, 1x Handi Hoop PRO Clip

Join the Great British Spring Clean with Helping Hand Environmental. Reliable, sustainable litter picking hand tools for all.

✔ Reusable and lightweight, litter picking has never been easier
✔ Professional tool; high quality and robust
✔ Fits any standard cleansing bags and recycling sacks – 14″ diameter
✔ Collection capacity of up to 8kg
✔ Secure grip of the bin bags with plastic clips – works perfectly in windy conditions


Our NEW Litterpicker PRO & Handi Hoop Bundle contains all you need to start your rubbish collecting! Two essential pieces of equipment to enable you to litter pick and recycle on the go. This kit is perfect for all litter picking activities and will make your clean up as easy as possible. An ideal green gift for anyone wanting to take part in an environmental clean up. Perfect for The Great British Spring Clean – the nations biggest mass action environmental campaign. Get your litter picking kit ready for March 15th – March 31st. Let’s eradicate litter and help people live more sustainably. Big or small, every contribution helps!

What’s included in the Litterpicker & Handi Hoop Bundle?

Litterpicker PRO 33″The Litterpicker PRO has been designed with the optimum distance in mind for an adult to pick up litter, preventing overstretching or bending. It is lightweight, and supports general litter collection. Avoid hand fatigue when litter picking for longer periods with the comfortable, ergonomic handle. The grooved jaw gives an effective pick up whatever the weather, environment and terrain and the rubber jaw allows an easy grasp of litter. Pick up the smallest of litter items with the precision grip – a hygienic and secure pick up every time.

Handi Hoop PRO ClipThe Handi Hoop is a litter pickers best friend! Easy to use, comfy to carry and just makes any type of litter collection so much easier. The natural hand positioning of the handle is great for any users with stiff joints. Plastic clips keep the bin bag in place with a secure hold, making any type of litter collection so much easier. This strong and robust design will take the strain of carrying heavy bags – measuring 14″ diameter, this hoop fits all standard cleansing bags and can hold up to 8kgs of litter.

Product Specification

Litterpicker Pro

Length: 33″

Jaw Aperture: 4″/10cm

Material: Aluminium body

Handle: Latex free plastic

Hygiene: Wipe clean

Disposal: Recyclable


Handi Hoop PRO

Size: 14″ diameter

Weight: 285g

Material: ABS extrusion

Handle: Latex free plastic handle

Hygiene: Wipe clean

Disposal: Recyclable

Sustainable litter picking equipment – designed and manufactured with you in mind

Our environmental product collection has been carefully selected and designed for varying users and terrains, and each addition plays an important part in our litter picker family…whether it’s our fun Graptor dinosaur or our robust Ranger MAX, we guarantee we have a sustainable product to suit your cleansing needs!

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Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Litterpicker PRO. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us on our live chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

What lengths does the Litter Picker PRO come in?
The Litter Picker PRO is available in the standard 33”, longer 37”, and extra long 50”, 72”, 96″ and 120”.

Is the handle made of rubber or plastic?
The handle is made of Latex free plastic with a comfortable non-slip grip.

What is the difference between the PRO and the GEL?
The Litter Picker PRO Gel has been upgraded to a new specification gel handle – exclusive pressure relieving comfy-grip handle for sustained use.

Can it be used as a walking aid?
No, our Litter Pickers cannot be used as walking aids.

Are there discounts for bulk buys available?
We offer professional and trade pricing across our range. We also have discounted order forms available for volunteers, groups, or schools. If you wish to order 5+ of any item(s), we suggest giving our friendly team a call on 01531 635678 or email


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