Litterpicker Pro Range/2021 Litterpicker Pro Gel – Litter Picker Grabber

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The #1 Sustainable Litter Clearance Hand Tool, the Litterpicker Pro is our longest standing litter picking product, and it is easy to see why so many litter pickers across the world have chosen this product as their professional litter picker – from local authorities, to facilities management, waste contractors, businesses, housing associations, community groups and environmental charities as well as volunteer litter heroes!

And our NEW Litterpicker Pro Gel – designed to enhance every day litter collection. Avoid hand fatigue when litter picking for longer periods with our exclusive GEL handle – a comfortable and secure pick up every time. Available in 85cm/33″ and 93cm/37″ lengths only.***

The Helping Hand Litterpicker Pro or as it is sometimes known in the litter picking community as a Litter Grabber, Pick Up Stick, or Trigger Litter Picker – guarantee’s effective pick-up everytime whatever the weather, environment and terrain – thanks to it’s trigger style litter picking jaw; perfect for general litter picking tasks.


  • #1 Sustainable Litter Clearance Hand Tools
  • World Exclusive 2021 Litterpicker Pro Gel available in 33” and 37” standard options only
  • Shorter litter picker available at 18″ for confined spaces and little litter heroes
  • Folding portable litter picker – perfect for plogging, hiking, beach cleans and litter picking on the go!
  • Even longer versions  50”, 72”, 96” and 120” available
  • Comfortable handle for long periods of cleansing
  • Bright reflective properties for use in all visibility
  • Grooved jaw for secure grip
  • Spare components kit available (if required)
  • High quality British design and manufacture
  • 10% recycled materials, 87% reyclable & 100% reusable
  • Manufactured by The Helping Hand Company

33", 37", 50", 72", 96", 120"


Standard, Folding, Two Minute Folding, Keep Wales Tidy (KWT), Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, Keep Britain Tidy


What lengths do the Litterpicker Pros come in?

The Litterpicker Pro trigger style litter picker is manufactured in several different lengths including our standard 33” and extra longer lengths of 37”, 50” 6ft, 8ft and even 10ft! We also have folding variations of the Litterpicker Pro available in 21.5” and 33”. And new for 2021, our Litterpicker Pro Gel handle litter grabber available in 33” and 37”

Is 24 hour delivery available?
Yes. If we receive order requests for standard stock by midday, we can despatch goods on a 24 hour service at a minimal charge of £10.

Can I request a visit from a representative from The Helping Hand Company?
We have representatives in the field who are there to help, so if you require someone to talk through the products or campaigns face-to-face, then please contact us on 01531 635678. We can also undertaken skype, zoom video calls and webinars with our customers.

Can I personalise any of the products?
We do offer a personalisation service across some of our product range to support our partners in their campaign or organisation promotion. Please contact us for more information by calling 01531 635678 or email

Is there discounts or bulk buys available?
We do offer professional and trade pricing acros our range. We also have discounted order forms available for volunteers, groups and schools.

Please note our online shop is a Retail Shop, therefore should you wish to order more than 5+ of any one item, we suggest always giving our friendly team a call to find out the latest offers, promotions and pricing by calling 01531 635678 or email

What are our opening times?
Our standard office opening times are, excluding Bank Holidays:

Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm
Friday 8.30pm – 4.30pm

We are closed at weekends.

15 reviews for Litterpicker Pro Range/2021 Litterpicker Pro Gel – Litter Picker Grabber

  1. BARRY DRUETT (verified owner)

    Hello Helping Hands Environmental , I recently purchased 3 items from your range after a lot of researching. 5* – 100% Highly Recommended ,Impressive service , A massive Thank You to Craig & team .

  2. Anda Phillips

    During this Covid-19 crisis I and the other Duckworth Worcestershire Trust’s – 131 volunteer litter wardens are using our daily walks for positive action, picking up the discarded street litter.

    We are thankful for the great folding Litterpicker Pro litter pickers from Helping Hand to keep us at safe distance and protect us whilst we work keeping our local neighbourhoods clean and clear of litter.

    During this crisis it is good to know that our equipment is reliable.

  3. Amazon Top 500 Reviewer – February 2020

    Needed a litter picker for cleaning up squalid house – needed something serious! After reading the other positive reviews of this, it sounded just the job and by jove it is!

    When you first pick it up, it feels a little too lightweight – but it’s strong and very comfortable. I thought I’d test what it could pick up – a ballpoint pen was no problem at all. Looking for something trickier, tried a business card, flat down. It picked it up, instantly. This is one seriously good litter picker-upper!

    Really impressed! Having tried cheap and cheerful units, this is well worth the difference. Buy cheap, buy twice…

    CMB – Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

  4. Zilch

    We’ve tried and tested most that are available and if you’re serious about litter picking that the ones by Helping Hand are the best – we love the Litterpicker Pro.

  5. HH Environmental

    Rubbish Walks always use Helping Hand litterpickers. Great quality and selection.

  6. Yogesh, ARC Technical Services

    We have a team of over 200 strong who are out cleaning the 3 largest cities in Nigeria every day. The excellent durability of the Litterpickers we have used over the last 5 years has significantly reduced our spend on buying new, they just keep working!. Its been such a pleasure to work with a Company who genuinely care about their customers, understand the tough work conditions and make great products that last and last.

  7. Dave

    Great picker, strong but light, very well made, a quality job and very effective, from picking up crisp packets to cans to heavy bottles and it can be adjusted for grip as needed. Got to be the best on the market.

  8. Greg Bishop

    Two or three years ago I purchased a 10ft pick up tool. It is the best investment I have made in the litter picking field.

  9. Tim

    Five Stars

    Love It! Excellent product

  10. Chris

    Five Stars

    Robust but light first class just what I ordered. Excellent product

  11. Harry

    Five stars

    Excellent delivery and a good product.mfirst class very helpful product

  12. Joe


    comfortable t use and able to pick up anything from cigarette butts to full cans and wine bottles. Great tool!

  13. Dawn

    Brilliant A*

    I just brought this for my mom, she loves it, it does exactly what it says

  14. JR

    Love it!

    My husband loves this fantastic picker. He finds it so easy to grab and pick up rubbish. He is very surprised how easy it is to use. Sometimes women spot things men do not and in our household this was one of them

  15. Amazon Customer

    5 star product

    The best I ever tried. Light, excellent grabber, beautiful crafted. everyone should have one of these. I love to pick litter with it. So easy, so well thought out, it’s great and last every time I use it. Very well done HH, bravo

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