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Rugged and durable, the Ranger MAX heavy duty litter pickers are for the toughest jobs and a very popular option for local authorities, waste management professionals and community volunteers.

Available with a straight or curved handle option, choose the handle style to suit your needs. The one-piece 35” heavy duty litter picker grabber is the simplest of our designs, yet the technology provides you with a comfortable handle, a wide jaw opening for larger items, and reflective elements to keep you visible if operating in poor light. The red jaws have flexible traction to guarantee a brilliant pick up of all types of litter, from glass bottles to cigarette butts.

Plus the Ranger MAX has Ranger Recycle Kits available which allows you to replace jaw ends and increase your product lifecycle upto 300%  – available in kit of one or triple sets of jaw ends.

The Helping Hand Company are proud to design and manufacture the Ranger MAX – please contact us directly to discuss personalisation, special offers or bulk purchases on this litter picker.

Ranger MAX

  • The Ranger MAX is the world’s #1 heavy duty litter picker grabber.
  • Robust and hard wearing for the toughest litter picking tasks and picking up heavy littered items.
  • 87cm/35-inch length to optimise user’s reach when picking up litter
  • Option of curved or straight handle – choose which option is best for you
  • Bright reflective features ensure the user is seen as much as possible and highlight the litter being picked up, which is particularly beneficial in poor light
  • Ranger Recycle Kits are available which allow you to replace jaw ends and increase product lifecycle and sustainability of your Ranger MAX upto 300%.
  • Ranger Recycle kits available in a packs of three or as a single kit option.
  • High quality British design & manufacture
  • 100% reusable from The Helping Hand Company

Ranger MAX features:

  • 87cm (35″) length to optimise reach when picking up litter
  • Straight or curved handle option available
  • Bright reflective features ensure the user is seen as much as possible and highlight the litter being picked up, which is particularly beneficial in poor light
  • Ranger Recycle Kit allows you to replace jaw ends and increase product lifecycle by 300%!
  • High quality British design and manufacture
  • Manufactured from 12% recycled materials, 66% recyclable and 100% reusable

How do you fit the replacement jaw ends? Watch this video below:


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Straight 36", Curved 35", Recycle Kit Only (x3 pairs), Recycle Kit Only (x1 pair)


Click to access Product-Spec-Sheet-Environmental-Reuse-RANGER-MAX-STRAIGHT.pdf

Product Flyer

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Do you have a product video?

Yes see here https://vimeo.com/676230250

What is the maximum size/width product it can pick up?

This one piece litter picker at 35” is your ideal companion for the toughest litter picking jobs. The hard rubber jaw ends allow you to pick up heavy pieces of litter easily. The gap between the Ranger MAX ends is 10cm/4 inches wide.

Is 24 hour delivery available?
Yes. If we receive order requests for standard stock by midday, we can despatch goods on a 24 hour service at a minimal charge of £10.

Can I request a visit from a representative from The Helping Hand Company?
We have representatives in the field who are there to help, so if you require someone to talk through the products or campaigns face-to-face, then please contact us on 01531 635678. We can also undertaken skype, zoom video calls and webinars with our customers.

Can I personalise any of the products?
We do offer a personalisation service across some of our product range to support our partners in their campaign or organisation promotion. Please contact us for more information by calling 01531 635678 or email sales@helpinghand.co.uk

Is there discounts or bulk buys available?
We do offer professional and trade pricing acros our range. We also have discounted order forms available for volunteers, groups and schools.

Please note our online shop is a Retail Shop, therefore should you wish to order more than 5+ of any one item, we suggest always giving our friendly team a call to find out the latest offers, promotions and pricing by calling 01531 635678 or email sales@helpinghand.co.uk

What are our opening times?
Our standard office opening times are, excluding Bank Holidays:

Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm
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We are closed at weekends.


14 reviews for Ranger MAX – Heavy Duty Litter Picker Grabber

  1. Gary Litter (verified owner)

    After getting problems with my hands, I changed to the Ranger Max picker and a hoop with the ergonomic handle. Much kinder to the hands. the standard picker may be better for getting in tight spots, but otherwise I’d use the Ranger Max all the time.

  2. Newbie

    I love this tool. I use it several times in a day. I have one in every room. It is my second hand.

  3. Newbie

    I love this tool. I use it several times in a day. I have one in each room. It is my second hand.

  4. Eduard

    Used one while doing some local litter picking. So good! Would like to buy when it’s back in stock!

  5. HH Environmental

    Excellent customer service and products received very quickly and of excellent quality made in UK

  6. Patrick Jackson

    Excellent product. Makes a great present too. I recommend talking off the rubber heads once and re-gluing them as I have lost a couple over the years. Otherwise, perfection and poetry in motion! I have a bunch of them (and lesser picker-uppers) and there’s no comparison at all.

  7. Paul Roberts

    Excellent product, been using it for some weeks now. I would highly recommend it….

    No need to bend down saving my back and knees

  8. Mr Toff

    Ranger Litter Picker

    Like several other I have owned within a short period of time, all of which have broken within a metres of weeks and also cause repetitive strain and aches and pains after using for several hours. This litter picker is light but is also capable of handling items ranging from large bottles to items as small as two millimetres in length. By its construction I envisage it will last a very long time than less professional or quality assured devices. I thoroughly recommend this device if you are doing any serious litter picking duties.

  9. cliff

    Super Duper Tongs

    This is the most comfortable and user friendly picker I have ever used. Excellent tool well worth paying a bit more and getting something that does the job easily.

  10. Dommi

    Love This!!!

    I totally agree with other buyers here who suggest this litterpicker as a much better alternative to the clasp handle types. Yes you spend a few more pounds but you have something effective and efficient for life that will last! So glad I found this 🙂

  11. Happy Grandma

    Brought for a present!

    He likes to walk our local,lanes with a purpose and litter picks so thought he should have the best tools for jobs, it is effective for picking up all kinds of litter he finds and the long handle help him reach effectively for heavy items in the hedgerows and ditches

  12. Steve

    Simply the Best!

    Robust and light, they pick up full bottles as well as empty even wet cardboard. Small pieces of paper and cigarette are not problem. Two months on and there still no wear on the feet. They lightweight nature of the tongs prevent fatigue in the hands/arms.

  13. Vortex

    What a Litterpicker!

    These are well worth the additional cost in comparison to the claw type litterpickers. They are very light and easy to use and will pick up just about anything up from very small objects of rubbish to larger heavy bottles. Very good buy have no hesitation in recommending.

  14. Text Adventurer

    Expensive but the best!

    The is the best litterpicker I have had so far, although it is also the most expensive it worth every penny! Having a very simple mechanism (a flexing handle) it should last longer than any other on the market. It is very comfortable to use. It is much lighter than I expected and has coped with everything I have found. a nice solid item.

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