Safe Pick Pro – Folding Litter Picker Grabber/Social Distance Litter Collection

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The Safe Pick Pro is a portable back up tool for dangerous litter (including needles, PPE) maintains a crucial distance between the bio hazard and the user, supporting social distancing and safer litter collection

This Helping Hand Litter picker comes in 3 variations:

  • 18″ small litter picker (non folding, portable and/or ideal for younger litter heroes)
  • 21.5″ folding shorter adult litter picker which works perfect with our Sharps Pouch and for taking with you on your litter picking as it fits neatly into bags, rucsacks, kits, litter carts – making it easy to use and carry
  • And a 33″ folding standard length litter picker very popular for plogging, hiking, cycling, beach cleans and to take on your travels home & abroad. It’s pefect for social distance clean ups and is extremely lightweight making it easy to carry to and from your litter pick.

The Helping Hand Company manufacture the Safe Pick Pro.



  • The Safe Pick Pro extends out (foldable unit perfect for on the go litter picking)
  • The Safe Pick Pro slots easily into the Sharps Pouch pocket enabling you to have all the tools you need when out and about
  • Handy and transportable set of equipment, leaving you to clean up an area ‘hands-free’
  • Ideal for social distance litter collection and litter picks – available in two lengths 21.5-inch (shorter) and 33-inch (standard length).

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18", 21.5" (Folding), 33" Pro (Folding)


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