Safe Pick Pro – Folding Litter Picker Grabber/Portable Litter Picker

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The Safe Pick Pro range is a portable litter pick range of foldable litter picking products that supporting litter collection anywhere.

This Safe Pick Pro foldable/collapsible range of litter grabbers comes in 3 variations/lengths:

  • 18″ small litter picker (non folding but portable and/or ideal for younger litter heroes)
  • 21.5″ folding/collapsible shorter litter picker which works perfectly with our Sharps Pouch and for taking with you on your daily exercise clean ups as it fits neatly into pockets, rucksacks, reusable bags, kits, suitcases  – making it easy to carry out your clean up anywhere
  • Or the 33″ folding standard length litter picker very popular for volunteer litter picks, plogging, hiking, cycling, beach cleans and to take on your travels home & abroad.
  • The portable trigger style litter pickers are extremely lightweight – making it easier to carry to and from your litter pick than standard length versions.



Folding Litter Picker

The Safe Pick Pro range is a portable litter pick range of foldable litter picking products that supporting litter collection anywhere. This includes the Safe Pick Pro, the 21.5″ Folding and the 33″ Folding Litter Picker.


Perfect for everyone with it’s range of different sizes! The Safe Pick Pro is ideal with our Sharps Pouch, if you often find yourself in sticky situations! The 21.5″ for the smaller beings and the 33″ is a very popular choice for those volunteer litter picks who often find themselves walking up mountains, on many different terrains and who needs something more portable! Even idea for plogging!


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18", 21.5" (Folding), 33" Pro (Folding)


Safe Pick Pro Spec Sheet

Click to access SPEC-SHEET-SAFE-PICK-PRO.pdf

21.5 Folding Litter Picker Spec Sheet

Click to access Product-Spec-Sheet-Environmental-SAFE-PICK-PRO-FOLDING.pdf

33″ Folding Litter Picker Spec Sheet

Click to access Product-Spec-Sheet-Environmental-LITTER-PICKER-PRO-FOLDING.pdf



Again what can it be used for? Needles that sort thing? Up close work?

The Safe Pick Pro is a great foldable litter picker. Available in two lengths 21.5” and our new 33” lengths both collapsible in length. The standard 21.5”is a great addition to our Sharps Pouch kit and support safer needle/bio hazard collection. Predominately our folding litter pickers make litter picking more accessible, carry with you on any clean up, fold down and fit in your car, bike, bag, rucksack, buckets. Brilliant for paddleboard, kayak and mountaineering litter collection. Stores away easily.

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We do offer a personalisation service across some of our product range to support our partners in their campaign or organisation promotion. Please contact us for more information by calling 01531 635678 or email

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We do offer professional and trade pricing acros our range. We also have discounted order forms available for volunteers, groups and schools.

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