Streetmaster Pro – Litter Picker Grabber

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The Streetmaster Pro is a flexible and versatile easy grip litter picker, popular with local authorities,  community groups, facilities management and the janitorial sector – as an indoor and outdoor application grabber/reacher for multi-purpose cleansing duties.

The Streetmaster is available in 5 different lengths, choose the best option for you – from our standard length is 82cm/32-inch, we also have a 93cm/37-inch for either taller adults or for those who just want that little bit longer reach, and a 50″ and 6 foot options for those pesky items that just can’t be reached any other way!

The smallest member of the Streetmaster family – the Tidy Jon Pro at 18-inch our easy grip litter picker has emerged as the winner for janitorial cleaning, or for activities involved tidying up small confined areas where there is no room for a standard length litter picker. It is also a popular product with younger little litter heroes for infant and KS1 clean up/litter picks.

The Helping Hand Company are proud to design and manufacture the Streetmaster Pro – please contact us directly to discuss personalisation, special offers or bulk purchases on this litter picker.



18″              45x32x2
33″              85x32x2
37″              93x32x2
50″              127x32x2
6ft               240x32x2



  • The World’s best precision litter picker grabber with rotating head feature
  • 90 degree rotating swivel head jaw to clean up/pick up litter quickly, easily, and effectively
  • Professional handle for long periods of continious use
  • The standard 82cm (32”) length for the Streetmaster, is the most popular option
  • Longer lengths available to help in variety of situations or for taller users – 93cm/37”
  • 50″ and 6′ foot options for ride on mowers, waterway and canal clean ups
  • 18” length available for janitorial cleansing and Key Stage 1 clean ups – Tidy Jon Pro
  • British design & manufacture
  • 100% reusable – manufactured by The Helping Hand Company

Leadtime Updates

Available to dispatch from 30th October:

Streetmaster Pro (80cm) 33″
Streetmaster Pro (92cm)37″

Streetmaster Pro (180cm) 72″ Red


18" Tidy Jon, 33", 37", 50" Long, 6' Extra Long


Standard, Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB)


What length and does it have better pick up than the Litter picker pro?

The Streetmaster Pro is different in terms of application to the Litter picker Pro. This swivel head litter picker is great for precision pick up especially small pieces of litter. And the Streetmaster Pro rotating 90 degree head allows you to access confined spaces easily. Available as standard in: 33”, 37”, 50” and 6ft variation. No folding options available and coming soon with Gel Handle!

Is 24 hour delivery available?
Yes. If we receive order requests for standard stock by midday, we can despatch goods on a 24 hour service at a minimal charge of £10.

Can I request a visit from a representative from The Helping Hand Company?
We have representatives in the field who are there to help, so if you require someone to talk through the products or campaigns face-to-face, then please contact us on 01531 635678. We can also undertaken skype, zoom video calls and webinars with our customers.

Can I personalise any of the products?
We do offer a personalisation service across some of our product range to support our partners in their campaign or organisation promotion. Please contact us for more information by calling 01531 635678 or email

Is there discounts or bulk buys available?
We do offer professional and trade pricing acros our range. We also have discounted order forms available for volunteers, groups and schools.

Please note our online shop is a Retail Shop, therefore should you wish to order more than 5+ of any one item, we suggest always giving our friendly team a call to find out the latest offers, promotions and pricing by calling 01531 635678 or email

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10 reviews for Streetmaster Pro – Litter Picker Grabber

  1. Debs Kerfoot

    I have had my Streetmaster for the past 15 years. It was given to me from Longleat having been a very keen litter picker keeping the park tidy for visitors.
    Over the years it has traveled with me across the UK and been on many litter picks. It is very durable.
    My most favorite aspect of it is the genius two way head design with a great grip to reach even the most hardest to pick up litter.
    You can use it for long periods of time without jarring your hands.
    I highly recommend Streetmaster and thank you Helping Hand Environmental for manufacturing it

  2. Nick

    The best professional litter picking tool on the market today. I collect on average 2000Kg per year, during charity picks and our group’s regular community clean-ups, around Northamptonshire. Picking a flytipped lay-by or river banks, interweaved with years of plastic, will soon make or break a picker. A picker is used in several ways, not just to pick up objects, but dragging heavy objects, freeing up plastic in the soil, digging up bottles and using the jaws as a spade to lever objects free, to name a few techniques. Most pickers will break very quickly, but the Pro is the strongest and most ergonomic picker that I’ve owned in 7 years of industrial level picking. They have improved the head mechanism, it being a sealed unit now, without the tendency to have the pivot pegs snap or pop out, as the old type sometimes did. The 37″ and 50″ models are impressive in their ability to extract wind blown litter, deep in bushes. The only improvements that I would like are; a gripping force of 50Kg, all metal parts, screwed together construction, user replaceable kevlar cable and a model with interchangeable tools, such as spade, fork and broom, rocket launcher or torch etc. The only picker I can practically use on a pick, without some part of it failing.

  3. L Scott

    Very useful

    A good control of accuracy when picking items up even small items. It’s like having a finger and thumb on a stick brilliant!

  4. mangoblue

    Good quality

    I highly recommend this product. It’s a little expensive but worth ever penny. Top quality

  5. Kal

    Very good quality litter picker

    The Helping Hand Streetmaster is a very useful and good quality tool. It picks up litter with easy, very efficiently and without too much effort needed

  6. E Cotton

    Litterpicker Great

    Best litterpicker I have used picks paper up well as prongs are well positioned long handle makes picking easier

  7. Handyman

    Quality Picker

    Having previously purchased very cheap litter pickers, I found them uncomfortable to use for extended periods. So carried out online research to find which type of devices local authorities use and found Helping Hand and this one to be very popular. Very pleased with the quality of this product. It’s much easier to use, more effective than any cheap ones and certainly worth paying the extra couple of pounds

  8. Islington Lady

    Wonderful litter helper

    Brilliant bit of kit – does exactly what is says – highly recommended

  9. Doctaala

    A good product

    A sturdy well made product. The head can be rotated through 90 degrees and the tips of the jaws meet very precisely making it possible even to pick up pins and cigarette butts

  10. Crate

    A friend that you’ll wish you met sooner!

    Ace product. I get a lot of rubbish where I live and up until I got this product it has been a pain going round and having to stoop to pick up all the rubbish. This gadget is easy to use with its trigger handle and picks up even the smallest bit of rubbish easily. It’s brilliant for reaching those previously inaccessible places under my hedges. The grabber head on it can be rotated if necessary

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