Children’s Litter Picking Kits

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A practical tool kit for hands-on environmental education, the Kids Kit is a widely used pack which provides children with all they need for safe yet enjoyable clean-ups.

Encouraging responsibility and pride in the local community, whilst educating on the environmental impact of littering, is often the wider aim but often campaigns vary hugely in operation. We have therefore designed many different kits to suit your own initiatives.

Kits can be used for solo/family litter picks and daily exercise routines





Children’s Litter Picking Kits

A range of reusable Children’s Litter Picking Kits for children of all ages and schools – supporting environmental education projects.

Read our article ‘Recycling Champions – ready, set go’ to see how together encouraging pupils, with a little help from their teacher and parents to get involved in protecting and preserving their local green space,

beaches and beautiful coastline is something we are very passionate about. In support of National Thank you Day and the G7 Summit, all 206 schools and colleges across Cornwall now have their very own eco-tool kit.

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For kids gloves – colour may vary from image.

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Kids Tidy Up Kit, Kids Tidy Up Kit (with Hoop), Kids Kit – Working in Pairs, Kids Group Exercise Kit, Kids Tidy Schools Kit


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