The world’s toughest litter pickers – rugged and durable, the Ranger MAX heavy duty litter pickers are for the toughest jobs and a very popular litter picker grabber option throughout the UK and Europe.

Available with a straight or curved handle option. The one-piece 35” tong style litter grabbers are the simplest design of Helping Hand’s litter picker range; yet the Ranger MAX lightweight technology provides you with a comfortable handle.

A wide jaw opening for larger litter related items, and reflective elements to keep you visible if operating in poor light. The red jaws/feet have flexible traction to guarantee a brilliant pick up, from glass bottles to cigarette butts.

Manufactured from 12% recycled materials, did you know the Ranger MAX has its own Ranger Recycle Kits, replace the feet on your Ranger MAX and extend your product lifecycle by upto 300%! These handy kits are available to purchase as single or triple pair pack.

Ranger MAX features:

  • 87cm (35″) length to optimise reach when picking up litter
  • Straight or curved handle option available
  • Bright reflective features ensure the user is seen as much as possible and highlight the litter being picked up, which is particularly beneficial in poor light
  • Ranger Recycle Kit allows you to replace jaw ends and increase product lifecycle by 300%!
  • High quality British design and manufacture
  • Manufactured from 12% recycled materials and 100% reusable