The Safe Pick Pro range of folding litter pickers are your perfect litter picking companions. Portable, lightweight, collapsible/foldable in their design they have been super popular for solo litter picks; encouraging safer litter collection at all times. Our foldable/collapsible litter picking range of portable litter grabbers are super lightweight in design and 100% reusable – with wipe down hygienic components.

Both length variations are popular in their own right and for different litter picking tasks. The Safe Pick Pro 21.5″ folding is popular with older children, dog walkers, holiday goers, for use on beach cleans both in the UK and abroad, ploggers, kayaking and paddle boarders alike – as it fits nicely into their reusable bags, buckets, suitcases, rucksacks as well as our Sharps Pouch kit.

And the 33″ foldable Litterpicker Pro version is a great choice for adult solo litter picks, mountain treks, walkers, hiking, rambles, adding into the boot of your car, rucksacks, bag or even your bicycle pocket/basket to litter pick anywhere easily and safely.

What’s more street cleansing teams, rapid response teams, housing associations, community volunteers, local authority parks departments and landscaping companies purchase both our Safe Pick Pro portable litter picker and Sharps Pouch together to make the ultimate safer litter picking kit.

Safe Pick Pro (folding) features:

  • Ideal for social distance litter collection and volunteer litter picks –  folds away easily
  • Available in two foldable lengths 21.5-inch (shorter/kids) and 33-inch (standard length/adult).
  • The Safe Pick Pro Range is designed to help tackle litter and clean up anywhere
  • Super lightweight design – perfect for beach cleans, river based clean ups, mountain treks, rambles, plogging and social distance solo litter picking activities
  • Handy and portable trigger style litter grabber – portable litter picker for your backpack, reusable bag, car, bicycle, paddleboard or kayak.
  • The Safe Pick Pro also slots easily into the Sharps Pouch  enabling you to have all the tools you need for safer litter collection in one kit.
  • Replenishable Sharp Pouch available enabling you to collect needles on the spot and to leave an area safe and clean immediately
  • Manufactured from 10% recycled materials & 100% reusable


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