Save The Cow Project is joining forces with Plattelandsklassen and The Helping Hand Company to save Belgium Cows! The project Save the Cow will encourage outdoor education and an improved awareness of environmental issues effecting rural areas in Flanders and will be sponsored by Flanders Public Waste Agency OVAM.

Annick De Pape, Limberg project coordinator said “A key goal of the project is to highlight the problem of roadside litter ending up in the food chain of livestock. This results in many dead animals and is particularly prevalent in the around rural farming areas of the Limberg province in Flanders.

We are keen to increase the public’s awareness of this issue by organising big clean ups from 17th-19th March in all of the 45 cities within our jurisdiction. This action will encourage children between the ages of 9 and 11 to focus on the environmental impact of littering and provide a greater understanding of the regional problem of cows and other livestock dying because they are consuming debris. Children will be issued with limited edition cow design litterpickers supplied by The Helping Hand Company and certificates with local schools being encouraged to produce a film of their activity. The school that produces the best film will be awarded a winning school banner and group school clean up kit courtesy of The Helping Hand Company”.

More than 21,000 volunteers over the course of the three days are anticipated from school children to youth movement (scout, sports, clubs, cultural organisations etc) is an intercommunal organisation of 45 cities in the Flemmish province Limburg, founded in 2005. Responsible for waste collection but also for the provision of information and organising activities throughout the year to promote litter prevention and sustainability.