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Social Value is often defined as “the effect an organisation’s actions have on the well-being of the community”. It is a measurable way to demonstrate that a business has enabled long term changes for a person or place. It may help contribute positively to the community, economy and society.

As a company, we feel a genuine responsibility to the communities that we serve and that extends well beyond the traditional structure of ‘give back’. Here are just some of the types of social value commitments we undertake.

Financial Donations

  • In the last 15 years sponsored £127,000 into global environmental charities & international waste management campaigns
  • Donated over £106,000 from the sale of our sustainable litter picking equipment to support environmental charities
  • Over £50,000 every year in product donations to support environmental education and volunteer litter picking campaigns

Charity Matters

  • In 2019 we developed The Helping Hand Community Trust which supports local good causes across Herefordshire – read more
  • Every year, the Trust distributes over £20,000 to community and environmental projects across Herefordshire & Worcestershire
  • Our colleagues invest 100 hours annually into local good causes – including Herefordshire Community Reuse & Recycling Group


  • We pride ourselves for being a family run business that holds family values at the heart of everything we do
  • Today our workforce is over 180 people; with 94% of our staff living within a 20 mile radius of our offices

Shared Resources

  • Virtual workshops, assemblies and eco education resources under UN Sustainable Development Goals and Eco-Schools programme
  • Training modules to support community volunteers – litter picking guidance, know your recyclables, public liability, funding & grants, environmental education and social media
  • Dedicated litter picking campaign support  – an online fFacebook group with over 9,100 members share best practice to protect and preserve our planet


  • Embracing renewable energy with the installation of solar panels. Our Ledbury site has saved enough energy to power 28 homes for a whole year!
  • Sustainability in manufacturing – a minimum 10% recycled content across all our core products. They’re also up to 82% recyclable and – because we don’t do single use plastic – 100% reusable
  • #GB Spring clean 2021 celebrated how many of us value our community, where we live and turning the tide on Litter. A record breaking 1,160,824 litter miles pledged.

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