Street Boss is the one stop mobile cleansing solution to segregate street litter. Recycle even more on the Go! This commercial litter picking cart is super lightweight – 50% lighter than heavy conventional barrows; ideal for remote/mobile working – straight from home or the depot.

Street Boss has puncture proof tyres for added longevity and stability across uneven surfaces with an integrated kerbside clearance to support work on gradients.

Street Boss comprises of two Handihoop Plus sack retentions units for quick removal; each with the capacity to hold upto 2 bags and carry 120 litres; to segregate litter at street level (DMR vs Landfill) – increasing your collection capacity upto 402% vs a standard bag hoop!

It comes equipped with a tool at hand for every cleansing task and additional tool storage to increase workforce productivity – undertake a range of cleansing tasks at once. Included with your Street Boss:  37″ Helping Hand Litterpicker Pro Gel, carbon steel cleansing hoe, long handle dustpan & brush, ergonomic plastic shovel and Street Boss reusable coffee mug.

Delivers real-time savings over current operating methods; approved by councils and municipals across the UK and Europe – providing a innovative mobile one stop solution for sustainable litter collection and segregation; increasing productivity and reducing the time taken to clean and litter pick. Achieve quantifiable results to support your frontline service delivery, waste contract and local recycling targets/KPI’s.

With a Street Boss, litter segregation has never been so easy – collect & carry, separate & sort, scoop & sweep, smarter, safer and further with our commercial litter segregation cart; manufactured from 51% recycled materials, is 82% recyclable and 100% reusable.


  • Collect and carry, segregate and sort general litter vs DMR – upto 4 bags
  • Professional high quality reusable plastic with the Handihoop Plus
  • Lift off Handihoop Plus bag openers – with scoop/sweep function
  • Lightweight steel frame strong and robust
  • Resilient, pierce polyester mesh durable and easy to clean
  • Puncture proof solid tyres reliable and low maintenance
  • Integrated safety brake for gradients and uneven surfaces
  • Intregated sharps collection facility
  • Range of cleansing tools and accessories to assist with all cleansing needs
  • Made from 51% recycled materials, 82% recyclable & 100% resuable

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