Streetmaster Pro Gel

Introducing the 2022 Streetmaster Pro Gel – manufactured with an world exclusive silicone gel handle to support every day litter picking.

If you’ve ever taken part in a litter pick; as part of your frontline service delivery, or as voluntary action – selecting right tools to pick up litter is essential.


The Streetmaster Pro Gel offers all the same benefits of our well-loved Pro range but the newly designed super soft, comfy grip gel handle guarantees sustained use every day.

Avoid hand fatigue with our World Exclusive pressure reducing comfy-grip gel handled Streetmaster; guarantees a comfortable and secure pick up every time.

For frontline staff this Streetmaster Pro Gel will help your service teams deliver 24/7 cleansing tasks with ease – increasing productivity and reducing RSI and MSD complaints.

Our passion is creating products to support everyday wellness. We understand completely it sometimes becomes a challenge to pick up with underlying health conditions – such as hand tremors, CTS and arthritis.


The 2022 exclusive gel handle supports comfortable extended use, throughout your clean-up and a hygienic wipe clean handle. Ideal for precise pick up on any surface indoors and out – the Streetmaster’s unique 90 degree rotating lockable swivel head – makes this litter picker a popular user-friendly choice for collecting smaller items such as cigarette butts, mirco-plastic, chewing gum but is also perfect for general litter picking, litter collection and garden tidying – grabbing weeds.


Manufactured from 10% recycling materials, it’s 87% recyclable and 100% reusable; your next generation of professional litter picker has arrived!

Streetmaster Pro Gel features:

  • Over moudled GEL handle for sustainable use – available in 33″ and 37″
  • 90 degree rotating jaw to clean up the area quickly, easily, and effectively
  • The standard 85cm (33”) length, this is always our most popular choices
  • High quality British design and manufacture
  • Manufactured from 10% recycled materials and 100% reusable
Streetmaster close up of grabber

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