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Product Code: LP2133 (33″), LP2137 (37″), LP2150 (50″), LP2172 (6′), LP2118 (18″)

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The Streetmaster Pro is a flexible and versatile easy grip litterpicker, popular with local authorities, voluntary groups, and the janitorial market.

Available with 2 handle possibilities and in 5 different lengths, choose the best option for you – the standard length is 85cm (33”), we have a 93cm (37”) for either the taller user or for those who just want that little bit longer reach. And the smallest member of the Streetmaster family – the Tidy Jon 18” easy grip litter picker has emerged as the winner for janitorial cleaning, or for activities involved tidying up small confined areas where there is no room for a standard length litterpicker.

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Streetmaster features:

  • Basic and professional handle options to suit a range of budgets and users
  • The standard 85cm (33”) length for the Streetmaster, this is always a popular choice
  • Longer lengths available to help in variety of situations; 93cm/37, 50” and 6 foot options
  • 18” length available for janitorial cleansing and Key Stage 1 clean ups
  • 90 degree rotating jaw to clean up the area quickly, easily, and effectively
  • Keep Scotland Beautiful Limited Edition Scottish Streetmaster available

Streetmaster Testimonials:

“An effective tool for collection of all litter especially cigarette ends” South Somerset Borough Council

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