Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is key. That’s why at The Helping Hand Company, we are proud to be #1 for Sustainable Litter Clearance Hand Tools.

Our sustainably manufactured British products are made from a minimum of 10% recycled materials. Moreover, they are up to 87% recyclable and 100% reusable.




We are committed to using only sustainable packaging. For this reason, we refuse unnecessary packing from our suppliers, and instead use packaging that reinforces our sustainability policy. We strive to remove all unnecessary and non-recyclable materials from our manufacturing and packaging processes.


At Helping Hand, we build to last. All of our products are 100% reusable, and we will never produce single-use items. We have reduced the need for polybagged and single carton boxes of our products; preferring to bulk pack in compostable FSC cardboard across our range.


We design recyclable accessories to support litter collection. Our Recycle Kits extend the product life cycle of our Ranger MAX by 300%. Furthermore, we’re embracing renewable energy with the installation of solar panels at our Ledbury site, saving enough energy to power 20 homes.


We continuously drive sustainable innovation in our product design. A minimum of 10% recycled materials is used in all of our litter pickers, and up to 58% in our commercial litter segregation cart. All of our products are up to 82% recyclable. Additionally, using our litter picking carts helps customers to segregate recyclable and general waste, diverting 624 tonnes per year from landfill.


Our Eco Education booklet provides educational materials for children. The booklet brings awareness to key environmental issues in schools across the world. Rethinking our manufacturing, consumption, automation and rise of new technologies throughout the company.

Helping Hand Environmental is #1 for sustainable litter picking equipment.

Our litter clearance hand tools are tried and trusted by loyal customers. All of our equipment is 100% reusable, and we guarantee quality, durability, reliability, and sustainability. Because of this, you can be confident that our tools will last!

Since 1965, we have been manufacturing at our factories in Herefordshire. As a result, we are now market leaders for sustainable litter clearance tools. At Helping Hand, we have over 60 years’ experience, and our hand-crafted products are used in over 35 countries Worldwide

We design innovative, high quality products which are manufactured only in the UK. Our dedication to quality and British manufacture gained us The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for our sustainable products, campaigns and international partnerships.

The Helping Hand Company proudly works in partnership with only approved suppliers/distributors worldwide. For this reason, we always make sure that our suppliers share our values for high quality design, manufacture and sustainability.