#1 for Sustainable Litter Clearance Hand Tools

Are you picking up different types of litter from cigarette butts to plastic bottles? Finding the litter scattered on pavements to beaches? Litter picking for your job or in a volunteer group or school project?

Helping Hand’s 100% reusable litter picking range presents the most comprehensive sustainable litter clearance tools in the World – designed and manufactured in Herefordshire.

Explore our website to find out which options are best suited to what you need, or for a quick search look at our Usage Guide.

Each Helping Hand Litterpicker and Clean Up Kit has been designed with dependability, comfort, and unsurpassed ease-of-use in mind so whatever Helping Hand product you choose, you know you’ve picked the best.

NEW 2021 – Litterpicker Pro Gel

Our World Exclusive 2021 Litterpicker Pro Gel is designed to enhance  every day litter collection. Avoid hand fatigue when litter picking for longer periods; with the exclusive GEL handle – a comfortable and secure pick up every time. Available in 33” and 37” lengths.

Litterpicker Pro

Ideal for general litter picking – used by nearly 500 Local Authorities around the UK . Our trigger style Litterpicker Pro is the professional’s choice for daily litter picking duties and community clean up campaigns. And now it’s even easier to litter pick with our NEW foldable/collapsible litter pickers too!

Streetmaster Pro

Our precise litter grabber is ideal for hard surfaces – micro plastics and cigarettes butts be gone thanks to the Streetmaster Pro! The dual action swivel head litter picker, let’s you get into confined spaces with ease – precision pick up indoors or out.

Ranger Max

Heavy duty litter collection made easy thanks to our Ranger MAX litter picker. Decide between a straight or curved handle option. Increase productivity & longevity by 300% with its own recycle kit too!

Street Boss

The commercial litter segregation cart.

Achieve quantifiable results to support your frontline service delivery, waste contract and recycling targets. The one stop mobile litter picking ssystem with multi-functional tool kit for everyday cleansing tasks.

Recycle even more on the go, with a Street Boss – collect & carry, seperate & sort, scoop & sweep, smarter, safer and further with our innovative litter segregation cart; made from 51% recycled materials.

Handicart Range

Chose from our range of litter picking carts:

  • The Handicart Pro the ultimate litter segregation cart made from 48% recycled materials – your perfect community cleansing solution. Increase litter collection capacity upto 402% with this litterpicking cart vs standard bag openers and Recycle more on the Go.
  • The NEW Handicart Lite is your perfect litter picking companion. The lightweight mobile litter picking cart for smarter litter collection increases your waste collection capacity by 286% compared to a standard bag hoop! Litterpick on the go with our eco-friendly litter picking cart made from 35% recycled materials.
  • The NEW Handicart Duo litter cart supports litter segregation, driving behavioural change in how we manage our waste and collect litter. The dual waste stream capacity makes it easier to separate and sort general litter vs dry mixed recyclables. Recycle on the Go, with our eco-friendly litter picking cart made from 35% recycled materials.

Handihoop Range

View our range of Handihoop bag openers, choose from:

  • Our standard foam handle Handihoop bag hoop with secure bungee cord fastening is your ideal companion for general litter collection and volunteer litter picks.
  • Improve productivity and reduce manual handling with the Handihoop Pro ergonomic handle and secure bungee cord fastening
  • Or try Handihoop Plus – the multi-functional bag opener will increase litter collection capacity by 143% – collect & carry, seperate & sort, smarter, safer, further this this bag hoop!


Especially designed for young litter heroes – bringing Litterpicking to life and be part of the Graptor squad with our child friendly litter picker.